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Auction Room

  • Open to Financial Advisors only
  • No set-up costs or subsription fees
  • You automatically get invited to bid for telephone qualified advisor leads that are generated in your area, via a mobile or desktop device.

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Regulated Advice is a new service and alternative to the established Unbiased and Vouchedfor platforms and uses technology to match Financial Advisors and Mortgage Advisors with questions asked by the users of the site.

Leads that do not match our advisor partners requirements are routed through the Auction Room where local advisors can bid for the lead based on the fund size, the postcode and the financial question asked.

Users of Unbiased and Vouchedfor principlaly choose an advisor based on the advisor review score and the number of reviews that the advisor has. We found that most of the advisors have a similar rating 4.6/5,4.7/5 or 4.8/5 as there is not a huge difference in the professionalism of the advisor. Before you board a plane or visit a GP, you don't review the pilot or doctor or base your decision based on one airline having more reviews than another airline. You don't, as they ALL have to operate to a minimum professional standard. Financial Advisors are no different.

At Regulated Advice users can search and choose their Financial Advisor based on the advisors Match Rating score. The more 'Questions Answered' in a particular area of advice that an advisor posts, the higher its ranking will be in a users search. Financial Advisors are rewarded with a higher ranking for material that they post to the site.

The Basic Plan is a free service that gives you access to the Auction Room with no commitment to purchase any leads. Generally speaking leads that do not match our advisor partner requirements (Professional and Premium Plan) will be routed through the Auction Room.

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The Professional Plan allows you to purchase small volumes of quailifed leads preset to a specific wealth criteria that bypasses the Auction Room based on one profile listing.

The Premium Plan allows you to purchase large volumes of qualified leads preset to a specific wealth criteria that bypasses the Auction Room based on multiple advisor listings.

Both plans will have a set price based on the size of the funds available. This will be announced once these plans are available. There will be an annual fee of £480 + VAT for both plans for this service.

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Leads are either matched as a "Match Me" lead or the user can search the profile listings and search for an advisor based on the travel time of the advisor, minimum wealth criteria set by the advisor or the Match Rating. This lead would be a "Search Locally" lead.

"Search Locally" leads will have higher conversion rate than "Match Me" leads as the user has personally chosen their advisor.

Investment & Savings
Pension Review
Final Salary Pension Scheme
Retirement Income Planning
Pension Income Drawdown
Annuity Purchase
Inheritance Tax Planning
Insurance & Protection
Mortgage Advice
Equity Release (min age 55)
Financial Advice for Business
General Financial Advice

Any fund size
More than £50,000
More than £100,000
More than £250,000
More than £500,000

You have a total of 14 Match Rating scores. One for each of the 13 areas of advice and an overall score.

For example if you posted some material under 'Pensions'. If all advisors post less material within a 1.5 hour travel time of your postcode, your listing will rank #1 on the listing page when an advisor searches using the Match Rating system.

The Auction Room is planned to be operational from June 21st 2021. The Auction Room will be open Mon-Fri: 9AM-12PM and 1-4:30PM. Auctions typically will last 20 minutes during business hours and may run overnight.

The Auction Room will require around 300 Regulated Advice registerd Financial Advisors to participate in the Auction Room. Advisors will be automatically notified of any leads that are routed through the Auction Room that are in their area.

In the Auction Room, you only pay for leads that you sucessfully bid on. We envisage that telephone confirmed leads with less than £50,000 but more than £20,000 in investible assets will go for less than £100 + VAT.

We use Google ads. The leads are then telephone confirmed.

Invalid numbers or number does not accept incoming calls
Invalid contact
A hoax entry e.g. Donald Duck
Application from a minor
Application from a non-UK resident
Debt Management enquiry
Mortgage Advice / Equity Release / Final Salary Pension Schemes

For the purpose of clarification, the following will not be considered for rejection:
State or civil pension enquiry
The phone is not answered
The prospective client changes their mind or declines a meeting
Advice sourced elsewhere

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