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Pension Appointments
If you’re an Independent Financial Advisor or Restricted Financial Advisor, looking for a regular supply of cost effective Pensions Appointments, paid in arrears then you’ve come to the right place!

Since 2013, RMT Direct Leads have generated in excess of £285 million* worth of funds under management.

For this scheme we offer - Book Now. Pay Later.

Call 020 3468 4215 or complete our Enquiry Form for more information.

RMT Direct Leads call centre opening hours 9:00am-4:30pm weekdays. Please leave a message outside these hours.

What is a Pension Appointment?

A potential customer that has expressed interest in financial advice and would like to speak to an Independent Financial Advisor or Restricted Advisor relating to one or more of the following areas:

  • Reducing the AMC
  • Transferring to a new flexible pension contract

  • How does RMT Direct Leads generate Pension Appointments?

    Pension Appointments
    Targeting individuals,the professional RMT Direct Leads telemarketer is calling from IFA Direct Home on behalf of your firm, using data from sourced from major TV advertised comparison websites. We use an initial call to explain the benefits of a pension review to generate interest. In a second call, clients that request a review of an existing pension are confirmed and then referred to our financial advisor members.

    How much do our Pension Appointments cost?

    We charge a fixed price per appointment. For pricing per appointment, please call 020 3468 4215.

    What is a typical lead?

    Pension Appointments
    Client Name: Ryan Mellor
    Appointment Day: Tuesday
    Appointment Date: 14/10/2013
    Appointment Time: 18:00
    Address: xxx
    Occupation: Sales Director
    Telephone Number: 020 3468 4215
    Email Address: abc@sky.com
    Pension Provider: Aegon Pension type I - Compliant schemes: Active - Private / Personal Pension (PP) / Stakeholder
    Qualified By: Angie Murray

    What information is sent out to the client?

    Pension Appointments
    The RMT Direct Leads professional telemarketer is calling on behalf of IFA Direct Home

    At the time the appointment is made an email is sent to the prospect which includes a profile of your FCA regulated firm and a letter detailing the date and time of your appointment. A text message is also sent out confirming that the appointment has been made.

    What is the conversion rate?

    Pension Appointments
    Current Pension Appointments conversion rates at RMT Direct Leads hover around 60-80%.

    Your conversion rate will, of course, depend on your individual ability.

    How many leads will you buy each month?
    Possible percentage conversion rate? %
    How much is an IFA Lead fee worth to you? £  

    Which means the number of sales you generate will be (not including other business):
    And that means the total amount of business generated equates to (not including other business): £

    Book Now. Pay Later.

    Book Now. Pay Later is available for Pension Appointments.

    Reduce delivery risk and get cashflow positive by booking your campaign and then only paying for your lead only after the appointments is sat or the lead delivered!

    For more information call 020 3468 0215.

    Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Latest Customer Satisfaction Survey relating RMT Direct Leads Pension Appointments carried out September 2015.
    See 2015 IFA Feedback Survey.


    RMT Direct Leads provides a professional service that is thorough for both the client and myself. The actual appointment making is second to none for booking and follow up.

    David Rogers - Cheshire Wealth Partnership - Cheshire

    Excellent service and way ahead of competitors, client feedback is very positive. Please do not let the standards drop.

    Chandan Hinduja - True Potential Wealth Management - Middlesex

    We have been dealing with RMT Direct Leads now for about 3 months and all I can say is we have been flabbergasted by the service we have received. A combination of great leads in our selected postcodes, efficient diary management, appointment booking and great service all round. They really have transformed the way we run our business and we hope to continue our working relationship with them long into the future.

    James Tomlinson - JT Private Finance - Doncaster

    I use RMT Direct Leads for pension leads in my area, the calls are of good quality and the feedback regarding the sales staff is very positive. I have increased my income since using their services. I highly recommend them.

    Mark Horner DipPFS - Estate Asset Management - South Wales

    What I like is the low number of no shows as clients generally call or text to cancel appointment, saving me a wasted journey. Appointment quality is generally good, with nearly all clients happy to review all areas of finances with a number of needs that I am able to address.

    Imran Ashraf - Wealth Management Consultant - Guildford

    The quality of notes is great. Very accurate and it is evident that the appointment maker is having good conversations with the prospect.

    Vinny Lall - The Chambers Partnership - Macclesfield

    Its the wheel of fortune with your services some you win some you lose. But you have to average it all out in the end and then it makes sense.

    Richard Paylor - HIA International - Bedford

    *6,477 Financial Advisor appointments were booked between March 2013 and May 2018, giving a total of £285 million worth of fund transfer opportunities.

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